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Development Law 4399/16

Pursuant to the provisions of Law 4399/16, the maximum aid is set at 55% of the total budget of the investment plan, in accordance with the limits of the Regional Aid Charter, depending on the place of implementation of the investment.

Beneficiaries are the start-ups, start-ups and existing companies, small and very small, which have the following legal form:
• Sole proprietorship, as long as the eligible amount of the investment plans does not exceed five hundred thousand euros (500,000 €)
• Commercial company (OE, EE, IKE, Ltd., SA) Cooperative, Koin.S.Ep, AS, OP, AES
• Companies under establishment or merger
• Joint ventures subject to registration with GEMI
• Public and municipal enterprises and their subsidiaries

Types of Aid
The envisaged forms of aid for this scheme are as follows:
• Tax exemption.
• Grant.
• Leasing subsidy.
• Subsidizing the cost of employment created

1. Investment costs in tangible assets, eg construction, expansion, modernization of buildings (up to 45% of total eligible costs), purchase and installation of machinery and other equipment, leasing of new machinery and equipment, modernization costs and mechanical installations.
2. Investment costs in intangible assets (technology transfer, etc., quality assurance and control systems, certifications, procurement and installation of software).
3. The wage cost of the new jobs created, calculated for a period of two years from the creation of each job.