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Sub-measure 6.1: "Settlement of Young Farmers"
Objective of the Submeter

The aim of the Young Farmers Aid Program is to increase the competitiveness of agricultural holdings through age renewal and the creation of farmer entrepreneurs who, upon support, will have adequate supplies and sustainable holdings. In this context, the provision of flat-rate financial assistance to young people under the age of 41 for entry and stay in agricultural employment and their first establishment on agricultural holdings who have sufficient professional qualifications, to settle for for the first time as heads of agricultural holdings and to implement business plans for the development of their agricultural activities.

Beneficiaries are those who meet the following (at the date of application):
A) Natural persons (case of establishment of young farmers as sole leaders) who meet the definition of the new farmer according to article 2D of Reg. 1305/2013, namely:

• Are aged 18 to 40 years with adequate professional qualifications (as defined below).
• They are settling for the first time as leaders on a farm.

B) Legal entities (case of joint establishment of young farmers together with other farmers or young farmers) where:
• At least one of the natural persons participating in the capital and management is a young farmer in accordance with the conditions of point (A) and exercises long-term and effective control over the legal person either exclusively or jointly with other young farmers.
• The assumption of command / control of the legal entity by a young farmer (individually or jointly with young farmers) is done for the first time