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Quality Systems
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Standards in the management of Agricultural Production

GLOBALGAP - is designed to ensure the safety of agricultural products from the farm to the table, in accordance with the terms developed by the EUREPGAP Technical Specifications and Standards Committee. aims to improve food quality. The GLOBALGAP certificate, which is a prerequisite for the export of fresh fruits and vegetables to the countries of the European Union, is a guarantee of monitoring of products by European Union (EU) retailers to consumers. The consumer wants to make a commitment that any food taken from the shelf does not pose a risk to the safety of food hygiene and is produced through environmentally friendly practices. The manufacturer and / or exporter wishing to export to the EU must demonstrate to the consumer that the product fulfills these obligations through the retailer. As a result, the concept of the GLOBALGAP certificate issued by third-party independent organizations emerged, stating that the relevant commitments have been met. The GLOBALGAP certificate serves as a passport for the manufacturer and / or exporter to deliver his products to the EU market.