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Producer Groups
Measure 9 aims to bring together producers into producer groups or organizations, with the aim of helping them to be able to meet market challenges together, to strengthen their bargaining power - by increasing the volume of the product being traded - in relation to the production and marketing, increase the number of potential buyers and reduce the cost of collective investment per producer.
The measure therefore supports the establishment of producer groups and organizations, especially in the early years when additional costs arise.

The measure has an incentive role in order to encourage the establishment of producer groups and organizations in the fields of agriculture and forestry, with the aim of:
- adapting the production and products of producers who are members of these groups and organizations to market requirements,
- the common placing on the market of goods, including preparation for sale, concentration of sales and supply of wholesalers,
- the establishment of common rules for production information, in particular in relation to harvesting and availability,
reducing production costs through the sharing of logistics infrastructure, and
- other activities that can be carried out by producer groups and organizations, such as the development of business organization and marketing skills and the facilitation of innovation processes.