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Quality Systems
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Standards in the management of Agricultural Production

GRASP - The GRASP measures consist of 13 requirements and compliance criteria and are an assessment of the risk of the social nature of the Farms. It essentially examines whether the health, safety and well-being of workers is covered, whether there is a healthy working climate and that the rights of workers are respected, as defined by the National and Community

ISO 22000 The ISO 22000 standard defines the general requirements regarding the development, implementation and improvement of the Food Safety Management System of a company. ISO 22000 is addressed to all companies directly or indirectly involved in the food chain.
IFS The IFS Food Standard is a standard that sets out the specific requirements for food safety, legality and quality that must be met by companies that process and / or package food. The IFS Food standard has been set up by the German and French Retailers' Federations with the aim of being a valuable tool for controlling,'s common approach to, the management systems of retailers. It mainly concerns products intended for export